Briefly about Lampart

The just finished twentieth century fundamentally changed the aspect of the world; wars and revolutions have taken place, techniques and science reached such results and dimensions which could never be even suspected earlier. Of course, social and technical changes always exerted an influence on the life of Lampart, too. Lampart - one of the eight determinative producers in Europe - has always been successful during its history of nearly 120 years and although it lived through some critical years, it has always remained a company capable for renewal at any time even in hard times. In our changing world it represents continuity and its past and present are an integral part of the history of the Hungarian industry.

When we look back to the past of the today's Lampart Vegyipari Gépgyár, we have to go back in the time to December 1883, when the general assembly was held, which declared the establishment of Fém- és Lámpaárugyár Részvénytársaság (Hardware and Lamp Factory Company Limited by Shares) of Testory through the mediation of Hungarian State Credit Bank. The up-to-date capitalist works replacing the family enterprise, took over the continuously evolving professional culture and used the name "Testory" which has become a good name for decades as a brand name.

The shares of the factory employing already 800 workers at the centenary and developing permanently, doubled within a short time on the stock exchange. By 1912 the new central office building was finished and after that, in a single year, the workshops were modernized and the obsolete machines were sorted out and replaced by new, up-to-date equipment.

Respecting and fostering traditions and keeping up with the times! - this slogan was and has been characteristic of Lampart. The flexible adjusting to the business possibilities dig in market demands has never excluded the production of unique, "artistic" works. Their lustres threw illuminated the royal palace, the Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Budapest Commercial Hall, several other public buildings, and the halls of the palaces of the aristocracy. The high standard enameled plate baths of Lampart production have gained widespread reputation and were a determining part of the bathrooms of several luxurious ocean liners of that time. The company's enameled kitchen dishes were used almost in each household of the country. In addition to the up-to-date water and gas meters, the company supplied also street and gas lamps to the city.

The economic crisis of the 30s, by growing of the business possibilities harder and harder and by the sharp and frequently breakneck competition on the export market, stimulated the management of the factory to provide a more rational, powerful publicity.

For the purpose of the more effective advertising it was decided to furnish the products with a characteristic brand name, a so-called registered trademark. Therefore in 1932 a public tender was invited for finding a right and short trade name for the products manufactured by the company. A correspondent in foreign languages won this tender, Gyula Hahn, who proposed the name Lampart. On 10. February 1933 the word trademark "Lampart" was duly announced to the National Patent Bureau as a protected trademark.

By fusion with other firms, the company's economic strength has further increased. The manufacturing profile of the fused companies and the historical era when the world has just got out of the economic crisis and prepared for a new war obviously led the company to the acquisition of military orders in much and much volume. The metal works for manufacturing non-ferrous metal and aluminum products have been built up with equipment suitable for manufacturing the most modern quality products and provided with an up-to-date chemical and mechanical laboratory.

The military needs of the World War II, the military orders resulted in new technological and material development. As an obvious result of this, the continually increasing demand for chemical and pharmaceutical apparatuses has been recognized. Lampart had to improve the occasion. Everything was together for the production of enameled equipment, i.e. the metal, the experience in processing of metals, the modern machinery and the modern laboratory, the manufacturing traditions of quality goods and the enamel. However, there was a need for a genius man, Károly Dullien who, after introduction of the production of enameled products in Hungary as a result of his research activity, developed the first chemical acid-proof enamel of Lampart and together with mechanists created the enameled vessel of that time for the chemical industry. This step granted a new hope for the evolution after the end of World War II.

The destruction of the War was tided over by Lampart with luck, almost undamaged, and after the finish of the fights, the work could be soon restarted. There was a greater need for household goods in daily use and enameled vessels than ever since. After the nationalization in 1948, the company was reorganized and its product structure was changed several times, however, such measures have not affected the evolved major profile, i. e. the production of enameled apparatuses for the chemical industry.

Enameled equipment for the chemical industry was widely known and sought-after either in Hungary or on the markets of the COMECON countries of that time or in developing countries. The demand for food industry tanks has also grown. The products and machines of Lampart started to become again known also in the developed countries. The determination of the development and the direction of development were promoted by the opener system of relations ensured by the independent right for foreign trade. It was the information channel that forwarded the commenced standardization process and the high level of requirements against construction and the enamel.

One of the most considerable technical developments of Lampart was the invention of the researchers in the factory, the development of enamel system UNIVER S-99. The technical parameters of equipment, made by this enamel system, ensured the world standard of the factory's products.

In the beginning of the 90s, as a consequence of quick political and economic changes, similarly to several Hungarian companies Lampart also lived through a critical period of its history. It was privatization that put an end to this difficult interim period in course of which in August 1995 private individuals from Hungary acquired full ownership in Lampart Vegyipari Gépgyár. As from 1997, the company is operating as a company limited by shares again. The company's management system has simplified, its staff decreased and became more efficient. A new quality development scheme and a more offensive commercial and marketing policy were announced.

The quality assurance system ISO 9001 has been working by Lampart since 1997. Of course, it needed also global quality improvement measures as a result of which Lampart, according to the international requirements, exclusively issues poro-free equipment complying with DIN standards and also in the so-called Lampart construction accepted and widely used by the customers. Today Lampart is authorized to produce pressure vessels according to the ASME standards, too. The used enamel of its own developing was qualified by neutral laboratories prior to the obtaining the ISO-certificate. According to these examinations the quality of Lampart-enamel can be compared to that applied by leading international companies manufacturing similar enameled apparatuses.

Nowadays everybody in Lampart thinks of tomorrow and plans the future. We prepare for the renewal of the factory and for the development of an environment which provides smooth working conditions and performance of work in good quality. Development of constructions and technologies continues further, including the enamel system, the manufacture of enamel substances and the servicing activities.

In a long-lasting development process, Lampart has reached a position in which both employees and managers are aware of the significance of quality and they can prove the same by their actions as well. We accept and prepare for a solution of the challenges of the new millenary and the increasing quality requirements expressed in particular in the pharmaceutical industry. In our opinion and in view of the principles laid down in our quality policy, the products of Lampart should, as a fundamental requirement, comply with legal regulations, effective standards and official prescriptions. However, apart from this, they have to satisfy also the increasing demands of our customers so that they could always be satisfied not only with the services offered by our equipment but also with the outer appearance thereof.

This is the aim we are working for in Lampart.


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